How to access Street View in Google Maps – Android, iPhone

Google Maps is an indispensable tool that can guide you through known and unknown territory, making it easier than ever to find where you’re going. It might’ve taken away the fun of asking directions, but it’s given us some impressive tools to play with, like Street View, distance, and area measurements.

Street View is a long-standing feature of maps that invite you to glide through mapped streets and trajectories around the world on the screen in front of you. It is easy to use and can play a vital role in planning trips. If you have never used it, check if this feature is available in your country. Once you’ve confirmed availability, it’s time to explore.

How to access Street View in Google Maps – Android, iphone

  1. Open the Google Maps app and locate the Layers icon (marked in the image below) in the top-right corner of the display to show you the map types and details you can see.
  2. Select Street View from the Map Details menu.
  3. To return to the map, tap the X button or anywhere outside the Layers menu.
  4. If Google Street View is available in the area you’re viewing, all avenues and streets are covered with a blue line.
  5. In Street View mode, tap the Expand icon in the lower-right corner of the Street View window to go full screen and get a tourist view of the area.
  6. To move around, tap the directional arrows or double-tap in the direction you want to go. You can also zoom in for a closer look.

How to access Street View while using your desktop or laptop

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click the yellow Street View logo in the lower-right corner of the screen. The map is overlaid with a blue line on the roads and paths.
  3. Alternatively, hover over the Layers option in the lower-left corner, click More, and choose Street View.
  4. In Satellite View, double-click any road to launch Street View. If you use a mouse, use the scroll wheel or two-finger gestures to zoom in and out in Street View mode.
  5. To use split-screen mode, in which Street View occupies the top half while the bottom half shows the map, hover over the map preview and click the Expand icon in the lower-left corner.
  6. To turn, double-click in the direction you want to go. To zoom in and out, look for the buttons in the lower-right corner (this is also possible with a mouse scroll wheel or trackpad).
Explore the world from your couch

Google’s Street View is a great way for travelers to get a feel for an area before heading there. It can also open up a whole new world for those who are unable to travel or don’t like to travel far from home. And if you prefer to travel differently, Street View is a great way to experience the sights from around the world.

Google Maps has become an indispensable tool for travelers and vacationers around the world, but there is much more that isn’t worth seeing. Check out our map top tips and tricks to make the experience even more awesome.

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