How to Cancel All Sent Follow Requests on Instagram

How to see sent request on Instagram and cancel them | how to cancel all sent request on instagram in one click | Current follow request

How to see sent request on Instagram and cancel them: We use a lot of social media platforms in daily life. One of which is the name of Instagram. Today Instagram is a very popular app. With the help of this app, we meet many new people who we follow and befriend them.

You must have noticed one thing that some accounts are private. Those whom we want to follow, then we have to first send a follow request to them. When the follow request sent by you for a long time is not accepted by the person in front. So how will you see and cancel that sent follow request, today we are going to tell you. (How to Cancel All Sent Follow Requests on Instagram)

How to Cancel All Sent Follow Requests on Instagram

For your information, let us know that you do not get any direct option on Instagram to see the follow request follow request (friend request) sent on Instagram and cancel it. But we are going to tell you a trick with the help of which you can also see the follow request (friend request) sent by you and cancel it with the help of Instagram. (See sent request on Instagram and cancel them)

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See sent request on Instagram and cancel them?

by the way, there are many such apps in the market with the help of which you can easily see the request sent and also cancel it, but for that you will have to take the subscription of those apps. let’s teach you how to do all this for free.

to view and cancel the friend request sent, you have to follow some steps to come.

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Click on your profile.
  3. click on the three line ≡ above.
  4. Now click on Settings ⚙️.
  5. Click on Security.
  6.  Click Access Data.
  7. Look at the Connections option on this.
  8. Now, the connections will appear in the current follow requests, click on View All.
  9. In the current follow requests, you will see the usernames of all the people who have sent their follow request.
  10. now copy the username one by one.
  11. Now on to Instagram Home.
  12. Below you have to click on the Search 🔎 icon.
  13. Paste the copied username at the top of the search bar and search.
  14. now you will be able to see the profile of the person to whom your request was sent is in front.
  15. Now you have to click on Requested, you will cancel the request.

Yes, friends, you can also see the follow-up request sent by you in this way, you can also cancel it for free. You can also watch this video for more information.

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