How To use YouTube Research Tab Feature

YouTube Research Tab Feature: Today we are going to tell you about YouTube Research Tab which is a new feature and every video creator (YouTuber) is getting on his channel. We are going to give you every information related to YouTube Research tab. As –

  • What is YouTube Research Feature?
  • How to use YouTube Research Tab?
  • What is the eligibility to get YouTube Research Tab?

Until a few years ago, YouTube was just a source of entertainment. But over time people came to know that they can earn money from YouTube sitting at home.

How to earn money from YouTube, people started to know with the help of internet and then many people have also created YouTube channel and earned money. People benefited a lot from YouTube’s earnings as well as YouTube also benefited a lot. Now today YouTube has become the largest video sharing platform in the world. How to turn on dark mode on Instagram

Everyone makes a Youtube channel, but there are only a few people who are able to advance their youtube channel. But now with the help of YouTube Research tab, every video creator will be able to grow their channel. Which will benefit both the video creator and YouTube.

But from today onwards, with the help of Youtube Research tab, all the video creators will get more views on their videos. Now when more views come, more ads will be shown on the video. YouTuber’s earnings will also be higher due to more ads coming on the video. Along with this, the business of YouTube will also increase, YouTube will have a large amount of advertisers. How to Cancel All Sent Follow Requests on Instagram

What is YouTube Research Feature?

YouTube Research is a Free Keywords Planner Tool that every YouTube video creator gets on his channel. With the help of this tool, you can find great Tags, Titles, Keywords and Topics for YouTube Videos. Movie Reviews

How to use YouTube Research Tab?

You get 3 options in this feature.

  1. Searches across YouTube
  2. Your viewers’s searches
  3. Saved

1. Searches across YouTube

With the help of this first option, you can find keywords for the topic on which you want to make your video. Also, the special thing is that the search volume of the keyword you will find will also be told that how much competition is there on that keyword.

2. Your viewer’s searches

With the help of this option, you can see which keywords your Subscribers are searching and what type of videos are watching. Here also you will be told the search volume of keywords whether it is high or low.

3. Saved

With the help of this feature, you will be able to save all those titles, tags, keywords. Which you searched on both the above options. (search entire youtube – your audience searches). Also this feature is available in both (Search on YouTube – Find your audience).

What is the eligibility to get YouTube Research Tab?

At present, there is no eligibility to get this feature on YouTube channel. Every YouTube channel is getting this. If you have not got this research tab yet, then you will get it in the coming days. Because only a few YouTube Channels have got this feature right now.

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