Samsung Balance Mouse. It runs away when the working time is over.

Latest Tech News :- Samsung has launched the concept of the computer mouse. This device is called Samsung Balance Mouse

Latest Tech News: Tech companies are working continuously to surprise their customers with new innovations and trendiest gadgets. While most tech equipment are designed to help users work with more ease, the latest invention by Samsung wants users to take a break. The electronics giant has come up with a new computer mouse that has been exclusively designed to stop people from overworking, reports India Today.

Samsung Balance Mouse. It runs away when the working time is over.

According to the report, the computer mouse, called the Samsung Balance Mouse, runs away from your desk once you start working beyond designated hours. And it does not only act like a real mouse but looks like one too. Cute, right? Sadly, the mouse is not available to purchase yet as it is just a concept mouse created in collaboration with an ad agency. A video of the Samsung Balance Mouse has been posted on Samsung’s Korean YouTube channel.

Samsung Balance Mouse


So the main reason behind conceptualizing the Balance mouse was to reportedly improve the work life balance in Korea. Samsung, in the video posted on its platform, has stated that a majority of office workers are hesitant to get off work on time. People are always under immense pressure to complete their pending work before leaving the office. Sometimes they are laden with extra work too. Also Read – Best Internet Browser Download (Free VPN)


The company says it’s not a typical mouse but has the ability to stop people from working more than is required. “When working overtime, this innovative product revals its genuine features. It detects hand movements, and when the chance comes, the wheels come out of the house and run away,” Samsung says in the video. Also Read – How do I download my own Instagram reel video?


So you might be thinking…what’s the big deal? I would simply catch it if it runs away, right? Apparently not. The video also mentions that if you think you can simply grab the mouse when it tries to run away, you are really wrong. That is because the mouse moves too quickly. And even if you do manage to catch hold of the device, the core part of the mouse ejects. Samsung wants people to enjoy life after work by getting the Balance Mouse.

Video: Samsung Balance Mouse

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