What is SOS call (Emergency Call)

What is SOS call? | What is Emergency Call? | What is the full form of SOS call? | Emergency helpline numbers

By the way, there are many more than one feature in our mobile which we know how to use well. But have you ever seen a feature that can save you in times of trouble. Yes, such a feature is available in your mobile which is called SOS Call and this feature is also known as Emergency Call.

So come today we tell you what is this SOS call, as well as we will know why this feature is important for us and how it works.

How to make SOS call?

First of all we learn how to make SOS call. To make this call, first of all, press the volume button given in the mobile three-four and your SOS call will be made.

Another way is to press the power button three-four times and you will be able to see that the SOS Call option will open and the SOS call will be made automatically. SOS call can be done in mobile in both these ways.

SOS call

What is SOS call?

SOS is a national emergency number. An SOS call is made for any person to call for help in an emergency. This emergency number list includes many government numbers, some of which are special numbers.

Emergency helpline numbers

  • POLICE – 100
  • FIRE – 101
  • AMBULANCE – 102
What is the full form of SOS call?

Before knowing the full name of SOS call, you should understand what is the meaning of SOS, it means “save our soul”. This name has been kept inspired by its work. Now know what is the full name of SOS call, then its full name is – Save Our Ship

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Keep these things in mind before making SOS call
  • You can call SOS for rescue in any type of emergency like ambulance, hospital, rescue, warning, urgency, medical, security.
  • In an emergency, never call your home or relatives, friends, because unless you explain them completely, then there may be a big accident. Instead call SOS.
  • On making an SOS call from any place, your location will be first traced and help will be sent to you through this traced location.
  • Never make SOS calls just for fun. If you make such a mistake then you can be jailed and you can also have to pay a fine.
Is balance required in mobile to make SOS call?

For your information, let us tell you that SIM and balance are not required to make SOS calls. SOS calls can be made even without these.

How does SOS Call Free work?

The simple answer is that if you are in trouble, it doesn’t matter whether you have a SIM or not. In an emergency, your service provider handles the call on credit.

Keep in mind before making SOS call without balance.

Yes, it is true that you can make SOS calls without balance. But the place where you are, it is necessary to have the tower of any telecom company around you, only then your call will be able to connect further.

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How to make SOS call without SIM?

After all, how is SOS call possible without SIM? Actually the SIM we have does not take the network, that is, the SIM never makes calls. The SIM is only used as a verification password. In which you have only one number and it tells which telecom company is getting your network. Apart from this, the SIM does not work.

Without sim we can only make emergency call but if you want to call any person then you must have sim. Meaning, to make a call on another telecom provider’s SIM, a verification password is required, which is your SIM. But those SOS Calls (Emergency Calls) which are unlocked do not require any verification password, so emergency call is made in case of emergency.

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